Kombo: Mercenaries 2 Co-op Impressions

Let's face it, in the age of the internet and all the series of tubes it is hooked up to, the multiplayer mode is one of the most played part of many games.

Love it or loath it, online multiplayer has become a key component of video game design and marketing. Competitive spirit, the natural desire to socialize and the pleasure of sharing mutual enthusiasm with fans of the same genres or franchises can keep games spinning in a console's disk drive long after the last credits roll on a single-player epic. Some games have ditched single-player altogether, a few brave hold-outs on the other side have focused exclusively on individual campaigns, but most games offer the two as completely separate projects sharing a disk, separated by a barrier of menus and lobbies. There are only a few games that have attempted to break down those barriers and blur the lines between single-player and multiplayer. You can add Mercenaries 2 to that list.

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