Brothers In Arms: HH: Are War Games Becoming Too Serious?

From XboxOZ360:

"With Brother's In Arms: Hell's Highway striving even closer toward historical authenticity of a failed campaign and its effects on soldiers, the question is will this make the gamer uncomfortable, empathetic, or blasé? Will it be a better experience because it is more mature and confronting, will it cheapen the very real trauma of soldiers who have experienced these sorts of terrible situations, or will it take the fun out of the shooter, which, after all, is about the gamer killing?"

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gaminoz3746d ago

I guess the opposite to this would be Battlefield: Bad Company which was a light take on war.

Still there is a bit of a problem: In MGS4 for example (even though it isn't a shooter), you have lots of anti-war sentiment, but the game is to a large extent about killing...for the good guys of course, but still killing.

Can a game be about the horrors of war and still base itself on killing?

RememberThe3573746d ago

The whole horrors of war thing is completely about killing, so it would HAVE to be about killing to be about the horrors of war.

LastDance3746d ago

*inlcuding the bosses


Superfragilistic3746d ago

It wasn't as personal as MGS4 or what Brother in Arms appears to be going for, but it successfully showcased the big picture horrors through particular scenes such as the execution, nuclear explosion, death post detonation, suicide, and the modern view of war via that airship level.

Godem3746d ago

I like the seriousness, it makes the game more intense and emotionally moving.

gaminoz3746d ago

I tend to agree, but I wonder sometimes about the fact that I'm on the one hand feeling wow war is horrible and on the other feeling good when I headshot a guy. Before games were just games and you didn't have to think too hard about killing a bunch of pixels. But if games are trying to make you think seriously about the topic, then it might change that...

Don't know...anyone else think that? Especially if games keep getting more and more 'real' looking next gen?

XboxOZ3603746d ago

I look at this way, if a developer goes to great lenths to make a game as real as possible, follow the history of a campaign, lik ethis one where you don't "win" and you don't beat all the "bosses" Because if you did, then you'd win the game dahhh. But when they do it like this, then it will ideally make gamers sit up and take note.

That Life is not about whether or not you"win" at everything you do, but about how you go about things, and what you achieve from it, what do ypu learn from it and most important;y, that victory comes in many different packages. Sure, you don''t "win', but you learn that you can get your men through with the least amount of casualties as possible, that's how you WIN. Life is like that.

Not everyone crosses the finish line, but that doesn't make them a Looser, it makes them a winner because they gave it a go, unlike those thatsat on the side lines and did nothing but say they could do it better. One thing is, they sat it out, while the real competitor was out ontheplaying field . .

Hunter863746d ago

Yeah the seriousness makes the whole experience much more immersive.

Superfragilistic3745d ago

Is this the progression of games as art though?

Will Halo 3 be the Rambo/Arnie blockbuster to Brother's Schindlers List/Saving Private Ryan?

SmokingMonkey3746d ago

sorry i had to say it...BIA = rental 1st remember Turning Point
WW games are "iffy" nowadays. I expected Resistance to be "more of the same" and it wasn' word BULLSEYE

gaminoz3746d ago

Turning Point was a totally different game by a totally differnt developer. The Brothers In Arms series is known to be more story-driven and less run and gun with squads etc. I don't think you can compare the two.

I mean Turning Point really wasn't even WW2.

XboxOZ3603746d ago

I think you're missing the point mate.

Gearbox are not trying to compete with games like Turning point (fictional war games ie COD4, Turning Point, Bad Company, Arm Of Two, Frontlines, COD5 etc etc). It's about real campaigns based on real facts with real characters. Their aim is to show gamers that war as an entity was NOT a glamourous thing, that every move you made had dire consequences and that you really did have a daily battle.

Not against the Bosses, but against the simple fact of staying alive. Games like this show gamers something about the wars gone that we need to take seriously. While ppl complain now of the US's losses in Irac right now which is huge, the fact is, they lost more than they have so far in just the first day of that one campaign in Operation Market Garden.

How do you make lite of that, you don't, and to trivialize it would be a disservice to all those who gave up their lives to make sure you are where you are right now. Safe at home.

Don't confuse fictional games the likes of COD4 and Frontlines etc with real world campaigns . . . try learning something about how you have the freedom you currently enjoy.

I LOL AT U3745d ago

agree with you. Resistance and Killzone beat any of these M$ shooters.

XboxOZ3603745d ago

So you DO agree with ME then . . . great, so we agree that this game is great and it will be a benchmark for realistic shooters . . . on ANY platform. SO you wan't buy it because it's NOT a PS3 exclusive . . While Resistance was good, it feel down in many areas, just read some of the reviews. And Killzone, well it looks great, but you are looking at two distinctly different sub-genre's here.

Those two you mention are scfi shooters, certainly not real-world senarios or events SO they can't be compared. But it's nice that we agree, and you agree that this game is great and well worth the effort in giving it a go then . . (you might try reading before passing comments heheh)

Immortal Kaim3745d ago

Some people are just ignorant and can't see past the fog (fog being fanboy blindness).

When will it end?

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Ace-Jury3746d ago

i think gearbox want to show the horrors of war so we respect what these soldiers went through.

but at the same time they want to make it fun.

learning with fun!

XboxOZ3603745d ago

The guys at Gearbox are actual Vets, who came together and wanted to shed light on war through the medium of games. They have branched out into other genre's of course, and are expanding, but the main guys behind it are war vets. So it gives you some idea of why they approach war games as they do.

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