EA Responds to Take-Two's "Show Me The Money" Request for Take Over

Ripten writes:

"As reported earlier, Take-Two has allowed EA to join the company for some "alternative strategic planning" sessions. In short, Take-Two believes that EA's initial offer was not lucrative enough, and has shifted focus in an effort to convince EA that they should sweeten the deal.

Could a SackBoy PowerPoint type presentation change the minds of EA executives? The two emails featured after the jump showcase yesterday's email from Take-Two to EA, and today's response from EA to Take-Two."

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TheDeadMetalhead3745d ago

That's how it starts! Don't you get it!?

Nostradavis3745d ago

Um...are you feeling ok? :)

TheDeadMetalhead3744d ago

T2's discussing with EA! That's not good! If they merge, then GTA will forever be ruined by the evil and darkness that is EA. I can see the future

GTA 5 (2009)
GTA 6 (2010)
GTA 7 (2011)

Does that sound okay to you? DOES IT!!? :*(

bozhangles3745d ago

pacman eats another. ea is on a roll.

IntelligentAj3744d ago

And I'm sure there are many other pellets for them to eat before they're done.

AAACE53744d ago

As much as I hate EA... It seems like they are trying to change the way they do business, and are "trying" to focus more on quality!

I still hate the idea of T2 being sold to EA, but in a way it could work out.

If they did merge, then you would have Maddens team merged with 2k's team and would create better football games. Then 2k basketball could finally stop people from wasting their money on the live series, and finally kill off that horrible excuse for a basketball game! Then Hocky, baseball,etc. Then 2k would be freed up to focus on their other games, and with the amount of respect the company has, I don't think they would push the developers to meet unrealistic deadlines!

Now that's just a way to look at it in a good way, but I still don't want the deal to happen! I hope anyone buys them except EA!

Sharpshell3744d ago

After securing the NFL license does EA really need to buy out their only real competitor in the sports genre? I've got to admit the prospect of that is really more hilarious to me then upsetting, but then again I hate sports games.