Jaw-Dropping Upcoming Exclusive Games: A Reason to Console-Splurge

Have you, for one reason or another, not bought a new-gen console yet? Well, it's perhaps understandable-there are plenty of PC-only gamers, and for good reason-the most graphics-intense, most gigantic (MMORPGs!) games can be found on PC. There are also some of us who are just poor. But you want a reason to hold that controller lovingly. And good games are certainly not just about top-notch graphics and processing. Just which controller you choose remains to be seen. Here are GotGame's "Jaw-Dropping Upcoming Exclusive Games: Reasons to Splurge on… (InsertConsoleHere)."

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Tronad0r3745d ago

The PS3 exclusives are terrible.

Cenobia3745d ago

You're in the wrong zone. The open zone is where you say ignorant things like that.

duplissi3745d ago

you can wallow in your own ignorance, now with less bubbles!

badz1493745d ago

because you can never enjoy them on the 360!! go away to the open zone, TROLL!!

Aclay3745d ago

Tronad0r , just because you're upset about Too Human doesn't give you the right to make Ignorant comments like that about PS3 exclusives.

AAACE53745d ago

The Ps3 games have the potential to be great titles, so there is no reason to make a comment like that!

(No offense to sony fans) The Ps3 still lacks a large variety of games, and some owners will buy those games just because. While others will buy it because they wanted them in the first place. Let's face it... These games will sell well anyway!

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Max Power3745d ago

thats it, that wasn't a very fulfilling article, i was expecting a break down of all the exclusives for each console not 2 or 3 mentions.

AAACE53745d ago

They just made the article to get hits!

Plus those are considered the only exclusives that are almost guaranteed to succeed! Any other exclusives could hit or miss!

Mcrmarcher3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

dude take that crap and go to the open zone.

chrisnick3745d ago

ps3 already owned leipzig and it hasn't even started yet.

tetsuhana3745d ago

An article about how all the consoles are great??? Am I on the right site?

AAACE53745d ago

Seems strange doesn't it? I guess alot of gamers are playing games now, and not just B**c***g about them on here!

Whatever the matter... It seems like a better place!

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