Why Leveling on a PvP Server is Complete Nonsense

GotGame writes: "When playing the WoW beta and into the fresh release, the game lacked any real endgame content beyond Blackrock Spire. So, I began leveling on a PvP server. I leveled to about twenty and had to stop - I couldn't afford the booze to medicate myself from the awful game play. I was killed, camped, killed, camped – did I mention I was killed and camped? So, is there a reason to level on PvP server in WoW?... I find that PvP servers act as sort of a digital lightning rod to collect people who like to cause misery to others. The fact remains that Blizzard has been unable to implement world PvP that works, providing an enjoyable experience for a diverse group of gamers."

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Farsendor13743d ago

and whats up with the hate on a game you play it or you don't play it and to add to chexd i play cod and wow. whatever too much hate on wow

permutated3743d ago

It's boring, repetitive sh*te, yes I've played it, and it doesn't deserve the name "Warcraft".

It's just no fun, and a complete waste of time.

Farsendor13743d ago

elite ghost guess you don't have too many friends i for one play wow for about 2 hours a day and i play football with cousins and friends my gf plays wow she goes outside and do things we both have jobs

not everyone acts the same not everyone does the same thing your smart enough to know this so stop acting dumb

Lumbo3743d ago

That is strange, i only play on PVP servers and i was NEVER camped. Sure the odd pvp kill occurred, but nothing that was especially bothering.

LossTheEarthbreaker3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

My thoughts are that this author is either lying, is unlucky, or needs to do something about getting camped.

There are plenty of options. Go to a different zone if he's getting camped so bad, get more powerful or better and kill the other person, run away, kite the camper, get a friend to kill the camper, ask someone in the zone to help or get some help, or just go do something else til the guy goes away. Sign off and don't play WoW for a while, if necessary.

Granted, PvP servers are much more fun at 70 (the maximum level), but this guy is probably what we'd all call a "nub."

After I'd seen very close to everything this game had to offer, which is somewhat rare still (sunwell plateau, etc.), I retired my character and was shocked to find I'd spent nearly 5 months "in-game." That's like 3600 hours.

Blew my mind, too.

kwicksandz3743d ago

i have 2 and 3/4 70's all on pvp servers and never got camped extensively. yes roaming gankers are are occasionally there to ruin your fun but thats part of the reason people roll PVP.

out of proportion article.

NewSchoolGamer3743d ago

I am only going to pay skill based games now like Darkfall Online and Mortal Online.

I'm sick of all these grindfest MMOs.

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