5 sequels that still NEED to be made

IM PLAYIN discuss five sequels to games that still need to be developed.

"I absolutely adored the original TimeSplitters game. The second was great as well, but the original title really encapsulated my childhood. I’d play the game with my friends, against each other or against the bots. I really enjoyed the story too, but it was the multiplayer that really stood out for me. Games have been doing bots for years, but few managed it quite as successfully as TimeSplitters. For the multiplayer alone, I’d love to see a third instalment to the series."

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SouljAx360783d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics 2 (A real one, not a mobile/handheld game)

TeamLeaptrade783d ago

Left 4 Dead 3 and a sequel to Red Dead Redemption is all I want right now.