Guardian Game Review: Too Human

If Too Human 2 - let's hope they think of a better title - can add more variety, better graphics and deeper online play while simultaneously ditching the death sequence then it could be a contender. But as it stands Too Human feels painfully average and was hardly worth the wait.

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Mao3742d ago

yeah, Too Human is truly the biggest dissapointment this gen. Sure Lair and Haze had hype behind them...but 10 years worth? Nope. This is a catastrophic bomb...

sonarus3742d ago

I dunno maybe because i expected this since that very first footage they showed for 360 back at E3 i knew it would suck. I hardly think its the most disappointing game ever though

Bladestar3742d ago

@Mao - "yeah, Too Human is truly the biggest dissapointment this gen. Sure Lair and Haze had hype behind them...but 10 years worth?" how long did you wait to say that? 10 years? I'm really going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assumed that you are just trolling... since it's not possible for anyone regardless of how unintelligent they are to believe that they were actually working on the xbox 360 version of this game for "10 years"... so, when they make the next Duke Nuke are you going to say that they actually worked on it for 12-14 years? The game was not being worked on for 10 years... just like many projects it was put on hold... other times as some time planned for other consoles which did not materialized... this game is probably being in development on the xbox 360 for 3-4 years like most games...

Their only fault is to announced this game on E3 05... Microsoft and them learned the lesson... aren't showing projects that are close to going gold... If the would have done that this game would of gotten better reviews...

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Bombibomb3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

This isn't about Lair OR Haze but since you brought those two up...

Tenchu Z
Ninety Nine Nights
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Perfect Dark Zero
Hour of Victory
Vampire Rain
Two Worlds
Kingdom Under Fire: COD
Bullet Witch
Too Human

Too Human is quite possibly the BIGGEST and most EXPENSIVE disappointment of all time, in development since 1999.

Megatron083742d ago

actually the biggest disappointment of this gen and probably in the history of gaming is MGS4 all that money spent on hype and paying off reviewers and the game ranks right up there with ET.

Too Human is actually fun to play and its even more fun to play co op. Too Human is a AAA game and one of the best games of the year. As for it getting some low reviews given these same people score EA sport game trash in the 90's every year I wouldnt put much faith in them

Oh I have no idea what bombs random list of games is for

Mao3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

And I'm not trolling, I'm an RPG playing PS360 owner! *sigh* Too Human has been hyped since like, what? 1999? Or at least in development on multiple consoles. FACT.

Why hate on me for that? It is expensive, overhyped and terrible. Get over it. It's a huge flop, what are you going to do? Lair flopped, Haze flopped and for the record Lair scored higher on Gameinformer than Too Human and Haze got 3.5/5 from a MAJOR source like Gamepro, not just some random blog site or CTV of all places.

Don't bring in the word "troll" or give me a fanboy comment like "Lair and Haze scored worse." Give it up. It flopped, don't target a gamer who actually just wants to play good games on either system for its failure.

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Mao3742d ago

Yeah, Lost Odyssey is a good game. Don't over do the anti-360 comments people.

LastDance3742d ago

...."NO NO....they havent been working on the XBOX360 VERSION for 10 years idiot face!!!"

no matter which way you slice it, too human has been in production for 10 years. I feel really bad for the people who were involved. they could have worked on 2-3 other decent productions in that time.

Megatron083742d ago

Too Human is a Flop ? how do you know this the game isnt even out yet. Plus it has a like a million pre orders how is that a flop ? So ya youre doing nothing but the standard ps3 fanboy trolling. Try waiting at least a month for the sales figure to start coming in see if it actually does flop or not then maybe you might how some ground to stand on.

marionz3742d ago

yeah lost oddesy was awesome! as was blue dragon, some reviews for blue dragon may have been average but i fully loved the game start to finish!

and kameo, ok it was short but the graphics on that game still kick arse, the lighting and textures still look top notch.

to even compare these games to haze is a complete joke, i allways thought too human looked like rubbish though, ive been waiting years for this day, i knew the bad reviews were going to flood in.

silicon knights are rubbish and hopefully MS says no to future sequels.

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PirateThom3742d ago

"But as it stands Too Human feels painfully average and was hardly worth the wait."

That more or less sums up how I felt about it after playing the demo.

trancefreak3742d ago

damn shame huh??. i remember all the people touting this title so highly. We just move on and wait for the next big game that's all we can do,

NewSchoolGamer3742d ago

I can see what you are saying man. Lair was really not hyped, it was just going to be the first "good" not "AAA" game of the PS3 from the long summer drought.

I did not expect much from a dragon game really.

HAze was delayed about 3-4 times. We all knew it was going to be horrible, lol.
And as soon as there was one delay the hype went completely down.

So in the end I think Too human should of been better.

thor3742d ago

We all had hope for haze because of the developers. They made timesplitters ffs, so haze should have been great. And haze boasted features such as split-screen, and bots, which whilst not amazing have not really been present this gen. But it was not hyped as much or for as long as too human. And I had not even heard of lair before it failed.

ThatCanadianGuy3742d ago

Why does everyone hate on Haze so much? i know it's not a AAA game.
But it's still very fun.(online anyways) with a unique mode like
tug-of-war with a nuclear warhead that you can drop on the enemies base.You can play dead,burry grenades in the ground.Throw knives,make enemies overdose.Play the entire campaign in co op.

The only problems i can find with Haze are the weird..awkward
cut-scenes.And the slightly twitchy aiming system.Overall its a fun game.Should of got atleast a 6-7.

Lucreto3742d ago

I liked Haze and I would play it again. I usually avoid FPS games completely but I got Haze and I liked it I found it it had a interesting story but didn't deserve all the bad press. I agree the dialog was bad but you need to get the humour behind it.

I am also getting Lair which I found for €21 so I will give that a go as well and if Too Human goes to the PC I might get it.

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