Rumor: A New Ghostbusters Game Will Launch in 2016

According to a source at Sony, Activision are developing a new Ghostbusters game. The game will launch alongside the new film in July 2016.

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-Foxtrot1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

If it's going to be the female Ghostbusters and the new tone Paul is going to set up (his style of comedy is completely different) then this will fail...hard

Plus it's Activision so...

PixelGateUk1050d ago

Male DLC costumes clearly going to be a thing via a season pass trolol

DarkOcelet1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

If its Activision then its gonna be a rushed Piece Of $hit with a 60$ tag.

They can keep that crap.

AnotherProGamer1050d ago

Imagine if Activision got Platinum to make it though

jb2271050d ago

To me both Paul Feig & Judd Apatow have completely lost the plot. They are both so wrapped up in the SJW/feminism movement that they've forgotten how to incite actual laughter. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for equal rights & representation across the board, but when it becomes less about talent & more about agenda, you are as bad as the people you are railing against in my eyes. Wiig is hilarious & justified, Kate McKinnon is probably the best SNL cast member right now (although whether that can translate to film remains to be seen), but Leslie Jones and that female Kevin James girl make more for laughable casting than laugh potential. I heard they initially wanted Channing Tatum in some capacity & that dude has actually proven himself to be pretty great in comedic roles, not sure why they couldn't have went w/ a coed cast & just hired the best actor instead of solely pandering to a movement.

Anyway, long rant aside, I'd need to see who was making the actual game...I recall the last one being pretty cool but this new one will live & die by it's developers. Still think the only game in recent memory that has ever actually pulled off comedy in a video game is Stick of Truth, they need to do something similar, hire pure comedy writers & not let themselves be beholden to traditional gaming conventions unless they are skewering them. There are so many amazing games coming out in 2016, I don't see how a Ghostbusters game garners much attention amongst the competition unless it really works hard for its supper.

Skate-AK1050d ago

"a new full-fledged “Ghostbusters” video game from Activision will release alongside the movie"

I think it is very likely for it to be based on the new movie.

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ifistbrowni1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

I really liked Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

I'd love to see another game like it. I dare say that no matter what it is, I'll buy it. I'm a serious Ghost Buster fan.

I'd like to see a Tell-Tale Ghostbuster or a Travelers Tale (Lego) Ghostbusters.

I see a Lego game being more likely since Ghostbusters will kinda become a Trilogy when the new movie releases. Most "new ip" Lego games release once a Trilogy is available. Harry Potter, Lego Indiana Jones, Pirates, Jurassic Park/world, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter 2, Star Wars, etc...

The only Lego game I can think of that wasn't released as a Trilogy (other than Traveler Tales "original" stories) is Lego The Hobbit and that game was originally planned to have the 3rd movie as DLC (never happened though).

Is it possible that Activision partners with somebody to make the game? Example: would they get credit in the title of a Lego game? Activision being behind this is scary. It could be a game like Duck Dynasty or they could actually throw a little budget at it and make an okay game like they did with The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2.

Khaotic1050d ago

Its not cod, they wont give it to much

Austin481050d ago

That don't do much with cod either lol it's the same game every year just different modes.

Khaotic1050d ago

Very true, but you might offend the sheep that buy it every year and say it changes drastically each installment

81BX1050d ago

Honestly i wish it wasnt based on the new movie. Messing with the classic GB just isnt right.

Trekster_Gamer1050d ago

I loved Ghostbusters: The Video Game, the others that came after was junk..

I hope new one is given the full treatment and not just something to launch alongside the movie...

2pacalypsenow1050d ago

If it's with that stupid female cast I'll pass, the last Ghosbuster game was pretty good tho

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