GameSpot: GC 08: FUEL Impressions

While track-based racers remain as popular as ever, their open-world competitors are becoming more and more commonplace. Burnout Paradise placed players in a fictionalised open city, while Midnight Club: Los Angeles is going one step further by using a real-world location as its inspiration. However, neither are as ambitious as Asobo's upcoming FUEL--a 100,000-square mile racer with dynamic weather, alternate routes and destructible environments. The game is published by Codemasters, and GameSpot was lucky enough to be able to get a first look before its unveiling at this year's Leipzig Games Convention.

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TwelveGauge-GT3743d ago

Is this what became of Grand Raid Offroad?

Antan3743d ago

Keep your eyes on this, especially once you see the tornado`s in action.