Star Wars Game By Amy Hennig & Jade Raymond A Few Years Out, Says EA

The new Star Wars game by Amy Henning (Visceral Games) and Jade Raymond (Motive Studios) is a few years out, said EA's Blake Jorgensen.

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ccgr1024d ago

Curious how it will turn out.

DarthZoolu1023d ago

Jade is the most overrated person in the industry.

BluFish1023d ago

Right? Cause she's an attractive woman.

Your insecurities are showing.

DarthZoolu1019d ago

No because Ass Creed sucks!

Spenok1023d ago

With Amy Hennig behind the wheel I have no doubts it's story will be amazing. Jade Raymond will help the gameplay aspects of it as well. Those two together should make this an awesome experience. I'm REALLY hoping for an open world game.

Imp0ssibl31024d ago

Really? Looks like I have no choice but to play SWTOR to get some stories from a galaxy far, far away...

Festano1024d ago

It's a pretty good game if you take it as a single player thing rather than MMORPG

Spenok1023d ago

That's exactly what I'm doing, and I'm enjoying it.

Ashlen1024d ago

I'm not looking forward to buying it (EA) but I am interested to see what it turns out to be.

Alexious1024d ago

Doubtful. Amy Henning and Jade Raymond wouldn't want to pick up where others have left, it's more likely they'll create something brand new, which is why it's taking a while.

AudioEppa1024d ago

Here comes Star Wars 2121!

This right here is why I'm sure this generation has some long legs on it when we still have projects, big projects in the works.

ninsigma1024d ago

Naaaah unfortunately not. They're gonna use some assets from it but I think that's about it.

DeadlyFire1023d ago

Star Wars 1313 was a mere concept Tech demo. It never got very far. It could easily be something very very similar.

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skulz71024d ago

Damn this is the one unannounced title I'm really looking forward to - a modern day star wars RPG. I bet it will either be KOTOR 3 or 1313

Mega241024d ago

I don't think Bioware would like others touching their stuff. Also, don't remember where it was that I read something like this (I think it was a tweet rumor), but Visceral is working an a RPG/Adventure Star Wars game, supposed to released around Episode 8.

Alexious1024d ago

Episode VIII will release in Summer 2017 if I'm not mistaken, so I doubt Visceral can make it if their game is "a few years out" from now.

Benoski1024d ago

Episode 8 got delayed to December last week, Alexious.

Alexious1024d ago

@Benoski Damn...Didn't know about that.

Spenok1023d ago

Viceral is confirmed to be working on an open world Star Wars RPG just so you know. No rumors.

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_-EDMIX-_1024d ago

"a modern day star wars RPG" It won't be that. Bioware is already working on a Star Wars title.

Visceral likely is working on action adventure or even horror Star Wars title.

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