IGN: Martians vs. Robots Review

IGN writes: "The best thing about Martians vs. Robots is the title. It hearkens back to the pulp magazines, those sci-fi magazines like Amazing Tales and Astounding that featured covers with bug-eyed monsters lurching after mostly naked women in hopes of an interstellar date on a Friday night. Unfortunately, the game title is the highlight. It crashes to earth faster than three-finned rocket ship sputtering out of fuel after that. We never actually get to see Martians or Robots -- just their generic space ships. I wanted campiness and a cheesy setting but I got tiny ships and the most annoying asteroids ever.

Martians vs. Robots from Tommy Twisters is a $9.95 downloadable arcade game inspired by Asteroids, that old arcade classic from back the 70's. You remember the 70's, right? Back when haircuts were bad and shows like Fantasy Island were inexplicably popular? Martians vs. Robots is the Herve Villechaize of videogames -- short and rather ugly and dressed up in a tux, but still short and rather ugly."

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