The Godfather 2 - Trailer

New trailer from The Godfather 2. Enjoy.

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ThatCanadianGuy3743d ago

Looking forward to this bad it comes out at such a bad time.
Killzone 2 and inFAMOUS will take away most if not all of my Godfather 2 time.

LevDog3743d ago

Looks terrible.. Ps2 player models..

N4M3L3553743d ago

C'mon people. I know it happens, but now it's happening more and more.

bpac1234567893743d ago

im really dissapointed in the graphics i hope the gameplay can at least make up for some of it.

TheExecutive3743d ago

EA cannot seriously expect me to pay SIXTY bucks for this game. I might buy it for 40 but I expect more from a game thats full price.

I am not exactly a graphics whore (I still play plenty of ps2 games) but I do expect more from a new game.