AFRIKA: New trailer - Japanese Hippo TV Spot

Watching wildlife can be so beautiful, so serene, so... zzz.

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TheHater3741d ago

I wonder if animal mate in this game.

Kyur4ThePain3741d ago

I wonder what they're trying to say with this commercial.

Mr_Kuwabara3741d ago

Yeah, a commercial like that definitely wouldn't work here on the states. Except for people that have insomnia. XD

PimpHandStrong3741d ago

yea the American TV add would have some hunter blowing a 5foot hole in the side of that hippo

Just think

You could hang a head in your HOME space!

i kid i kid

dont kill the hippos

solar3741d ago

so i gather that game is a bore from the commercial. not being able to understand japanese...

PSWe603741d ago

They should cater this game to the GTA crowd. Jump on the back of a cheetah and run up to a Zebra and eat that sh!t.
Or maybe it'll be like Pokemon Snap, just go around and take pictures.

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