Second Life Largely Ignored by Obama, McCain Campaigns

Gamepolitics Reports:

"At one time, Second Life was viewed as having great potential for promoting political campaigns.

However, the Houston Chronicle points out that in the current presidential election, Barack Obama and John McCain have largely ignored the SL metaverse:

Campaigns haven't figured out how to reconcile the all-important image and fundraising with a world in which a Gothic nymph can sit in on a congressional hearing - or a Teddy bear might try to donate to a political campaign.

So for now, the Second Life campaign headquarters of Barack Obama and John McCain are pristine, glistening and completely vacant most of the time...

Fundraising is still not an option in Second Life, as there is no way to monitor where the donations are coming from, and the majority of players are from outside the U.S."

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f7897903742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I want a President that can use a computer and work fast. Is Obama computer literate? Anyone know?

Edit: Anyone see the his RV video on the Daily Show on Comedy Central? Its so funny how they try and reach out to groups they have no idea about.