Hooked Gamers: BioShock PS3 Preview

It has almost been a full year since PC and Xbox360 owners got to traverse Rapture. Don't fear PS3 owners, BioShock is coming to your console too. Developed by 2K Marin, this game has gotten critical and commercial success winning countless awards, getting rave reviews and excellent sales. It only makes sense to release it on additional platforms for more people to enjoy but this is not just a sloppy port. BioShock for the PS3 will have some extra surprises sprinkled around the already highly polished game.

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jamilion3741d ago

Good to see that ps3 owners will be able to enjoy a really great game.

wtf? Where did all my bubbles go?

arakouftaian3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

n i have not play bs jet, but i play video games since atari n old school pc games n beliveme the ps3 have many good games!!! n i know what im talking about n any ps3 owners do...

macalatus3741d ago

I can't wait!! Aaarrghhh! Release date can't come fast enough!