Sword of Vermillion Brings Action Role Playing to Sega Genesis – January 28th, 1991

Carl Williams writes, "When you have someone on staff like Yu Suzuki you have to let them spread their wings and fly. With Sword of Vermillion that is exactly what Sega did- this was Yu Suzuki’s first console exclusive title, sadly it was not exactly a sales record setting release. Sword of Vermillion was a few game engines smashed together and for many fans that was its downfall. While magazines of the time had mostly positive things to say about various parts, the detractors hurt quite a bit. Still, if you were wanting an action role playing game on the Sega Genesis Sword of Vermillion was your only choice in 1991."

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PixelGateUk876d ago

The battle music is forever haunting

dead_pixels876d ago

I still get the church music stuck in my head pretty often. Loved playing this game a ton back in the early '90s.

TheColbertinator876d ago

One of my favorite RPGs of the 16 bit era. Suzuki changed my life as Vermilion propelled my gaming future to JRPGs