Used 60Gb PS3s selling for more than new 80Gb in UK

UK retailer GAME is selling a handful of used 60Gb Playstation3s for the princely sum of £349.99 and upwards.

This is £50 more than the new 80Gb model which is heavily rumoured to be hitting UK shores this Friday.

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Jellzy3745d ago

Although a little steep for a used console, you've got 2 remember that the original 60GB PS3 is backwards compatible with PS2, and PSone games.

Also the fact that it has the multi card reader, and an additional 2 usb ports make it the superior SKU, albeit with a now smaller HDD.

daveoftheproject3745d ago

Given that its very easy to change hard drive yourself, its obviously backwards compatability driving the pricing.

Its still an important feature for many; i would love software emulation to come out in the future so i can retire my faithful ps2.

It is unrealistic to think people will discard their favourite old games when they upgrade hardware, and it would be nice to have the ability to relive ps2 classics like the 60gb owners.

Mike Bowden3745d ago

Yep, it's the BC that does it. I really don't think people will mind paying extra if Sony puts it back in.

na2ru13745d ago

they were selling 60gb sku(NEW) for £350 as clearance when 40gb sku became available.

Proud owner of 1 too

Mike Bowden3745d ago

Yeah I've got one too. it's great as I can still buy all the PS2 games I missed like God of War 2 etc.

Cajun Chicken3745d ago

Are the Ratchet and Clanks from what I've tried and tested.

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