Two New TNA iMPACT! Videos Reveal Story Mode Details; Feature Developers Talking Realism, Responsiveness

Today, Midway released two new videos for TNA iMPACT!, the highly anticipated video game based on the fastest growing professional wrestling brand in the world and its flagship program TNA iMPACT!.

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drdre743743d ago

I'm sticking with smackdown this year. I just cant get into TNA at all. i've tried and tried to watch it on TV.


I hear where your coming from.

WWE has an awesome catalog of characters and the current roster is pretty good.

You just cant beat Stone Cold,The Undertaker and Mysterio.

Although AJ Styles is very,very good and so are 'LAX'.

WWE just has that thing about it i guess - still this game is supposed to be alot faster moving than any of the Smackdown vs Raw stuff so thats a bonus!

GFahim3742d ago

lol, stone cold's not init no more