Sarcastic Gamer has the answer to fix XBLA

NON-Fiction: has a very interesting and groundbreaking way to fix Xbox Live Arcade and give it a leg up over the competition.

It's a great read. From the article: "Xbox Live Arcade is a mess. You can't find anything. Most of the games on there aren't worth the code they're made from. What to do? Is there a way to re-energize the Xbox Live Arcade, get a one up on the competition and get everybody playing Arcade games again?

Hey Microsoft, you better click on the jump, because I'm about to save your rear end and your bottom line."

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GamerSigma3743d ago

I love that idea. That way I wouldn't have to spend 25 bucks getting the card games that I want to play with friends online...

GiantEnemyCrab3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Never going to happen. MS have been bragging about the buckets of money it's making. Another failed article from this horrid site and I want my click back!

GamerSigma3743d ago

Wow... I looked up internet troll in the dictionary and found your username and pic... weird or totally appropriate?