Could MadWorld kill the Wii?

SymbioteStudios writes: "Now considering the lack of well everything that people give titles as unique and interesting as MadWorld, It was pretty surprising to see a screenshot of the game in a newspaper, less surprising was the 'ultra violent' headline adorning it. It has been in particular the British press who've decided to bash MadWorld, publications like the 'Daily Mail' and the 'Metro' have been talking and it seems Nintendo might have a tough spot in pushing MadWorld out of the spotlight."

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ChickeyCantor3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

No, and if so Wii-sports 2 will save it XD

" We need to ensure that modern and civilized values take priority"
Then take freaking care of your kids douchebag.

Monteblanco3770d ago

It will kill the Wii in the same way Manhunt 2 did a year ago. Not my kind of game, but I am surprised tabloids are not more inventive in wasting the public attention.

Enigma_20993769d ago

... then what the hell is that white thing that seems to always be sold out in game stores and electronics sections, not to mention, outselling the PS3 and 360?

wiizy3770d ago

only a ps3 or xbox360 fan would say something like that.. cause their hope would fade away for good if we started getting some real support from third partys

madjedi3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

No if anything nintendo would pull madworld, if it was showing strong signs of harming casual wii owner purchases.

The problem is most casual/non gamer wii owners, wouldn't know a good solid game if it bite them in the ass. Madworld will be ignored almost entirely by the casual community, only core wii owners will pay it any attention.

Which is why third party support for the wii is the lowest out of all the consoles, casual gamers don't really buy hardcore/regular games.

Ps3/360 owners hope would fade away if the wii got real third party support, your words not mine (lol wow i didn't think it was on life support, maybe it really is that bad).

So how exactly ps3/360 owners hope going to fade away, they still have a boatload of kickass third party games. Not quite so good on the wii, i don't see third partys abandoning either console.

The wii has a reputation as a casual's console, as such most ps3/360 owners, i know don't even consider the wii a gamers console. When it comes to hardcore/solid games the wii isn't in the same market/demographic as the ps3/360.

jorgeanaya0003770d ago

If their kids play it and actually become influenced to perform gruosome crimes, then I'm sorry but your kids were all ready f****d up to begin with.

Zerodin3770d ago

Droid logic!
A game that will sell millions is going to KILL the Wii?

IzKyD13313770d ago

doubt its gonna sell millions, mainly because Nintendo will NOT advertise this at all

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