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Germaximus says: Rise of the Tomb Raider's Baba Yaga DLC has "One puzzle, two combat scenes. For ten dollars. I do not regret my purchase as I enjoyed my time through it but I do not feel it was worth the purchase."

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chrisx1147d ago

"Baba yaga: The Temple of the Witch takes place
in a lot of re-used content. Half of it was me in the normal open world collecting plants and
deer guts or whatever". Bummer

jb2271147d ago

That seemed kinda obvious from the initial announcement. Beyond the fact that it appeared just 2 months from release, all of the settings were obviously just reskinned or color swapped versions that already existed. I'm all for more of a great game, but to me DLC for a story driven sp game should offer large new environments & gameplay ideas. TLOU Left Behind is one of the better examples from recent memory & I'm sure that UC4s dlc will hit the same mark. DLC shouldn't be started on until after the game has shipped, and if it only takes a month to develop, something is amiss. It should have some new gameplay hooks & a storyline that stands on its own merits while fleshing out the base game.

Kinda thinking that the only other sp dlc will be one that gets developed for the PS4 version as a way to make amends for the timed deal, and I'm hoping that it'll include an entirely new location outside of Syberia & a few cool teases towards the next installment.

Germ_the_Nobody1146d ago

inFamous Second Son's First Light and Watch Dogs' Bad Blood DLCs were also really awesome!

jb2271146d ago


Oh most definitely! I loved First Light, but I haven't gotten around to Watch Dogs yet...I bet I can pick it up on the cheap & still have plenty of funds to grab that Bad Blood dlc if you recommend it...thanks for the heads up!

ShadowKnight1147d ago

Great DLC. Really enjoyed it!

christocolus1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Kotaku gave the dlc a great review and IGns Ryan likes it too. Will definitely jump on this once I'm done with the main game. Enjoying my playthrough so far. Have discovered and explored more than 4 hidden challenge tombs. The game is just so addictive I can't put it down.

brokasfawk1147d ago

The reviewer is just mad because he was dumb enough to buy the Batman dlc so he whines and complains that there isn't enough content for $10