What's next for Hideo Kojima?

Joe from Gamers FTW writes about Hideo Kojima, and whether what's been happening over the past few months will have any effect on what he has planned next, or whether it will be something completely different.

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alexgibson1052d ago

This world tour that's he's been on is bizarre. I'm happy he's enjoying his time with Sony though.. it seems like an environment he's going to be comfortable in, and be able to express himself.

Eonjay1052d ago

He is meeting up with all sorts of folks trying to field ideas for his next title. And, he travels with Mark because he is both his friend and his translator.

never4get1052d ago

DEMO, Kojima, make a DEMO, release date 2016.

TLG19911052d ago

The complete polar opposite of konami.

They wouldn't let him go to an award show, Sony take him to every studio they own. he will definitely be more comfortable with Sony.

yeahright21052d ago

I wonder if he took up crytek on their offer. I know they invited him to visit, but I didn't hear anything about whether he and Cerny did or not.

TwoForce1052d ago

One thing: Kojima know Sony a long time.

yeahright21051d ago

@twoforce OK, don't see what that has to do with him visiting crytek.

TwoForce1051d ago

They want to invite him that for sure.

BigGamersSmallTalk1052d ago

We'll know when the PS5 comes out. This guy takes his time and makes quality games, so I wouldn't expect a game this generation.

MasterCornholio1052d ago

They said it would be a PS4 game. So I'm guessing at the end of the systems life.

UltraNova1051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

2019, 2020 at the latest. He usually needs 3-5 years for each game he makes. We'll see.

I_am_Batman1052d ago

It probably depends wether or not he'll make a new engine for his game. If he does there is almost no chance that it comes out this gen. If he however decides to use an already existing engine I can see it coming out late in the PS4s life cycle. At this point it's hard to say cause we don't know when Sony is planning to transition into next gen (my guess would be 2019 the earliest). It might actually be a smart move to aim for Kojima's game to be a PS5 launch title.

BigGamersSmallTalk1052d ago

In my opinion it'll be an extremely short life cycle for consoles. We're in 2016, my guess would be new consoles by 2019. Some could depend on what the Nintendo NX actually is and what it's capable of.

I just think back to how long he takes between games and don't see how he could have anything out before that time. I mean, he's gathering ideas now, he might not even start until late this year or early next.

Cohagen4201052d ago

PS4 release doesn't mean PS5..

BigGamersSmallTalk1052d ago

They wanted to hype people, get them excited. Could be cross-gen even. Just because they say PS4, doesn't really mean 100% certainty. Many, many games have proven this.

DigitalRaptor1052d ago

In other words, you and your ilk have no idea, but you're hoping hard it's not.

Does this game not appearing on Xbox stimulate your fantasies this hard?

BigGamersSmallTalk1052d ago

I don't follow what you're trying to convey here? I own a PS4 and like Kojima's games, as stated in my posts. I just don't think he'll be able to get a game shipped this generation with it likely being a quicker one.
Didn't mention Xbox or anything related to Xbox in any post here friend.

DigitalRaptor1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

"BigGamersSmallTalk" is an embarrassing therapy session YouTube podcast populated by some of the most ridiculous individuals out there making up lies, excuses, spin and propaganda to further the one agenda they collectively promote. Unless you've simply stolen their name and logo and don't represent them, I don't have a problem believing you share their damaged perspective.

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343_Guilty_Spark1052d ago

A PS5 game that costs over $100 million to produce.

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TwoForce1052d ago

Really ? Trolling ? You troll us and we troll you back. This is why console war never end because of you. Your negative towards to Sony are very noticeable and caused people in gaming community hate your gut. You make Xbox fans look bad for a lot of reasons. I do know PS community have some serious problem, but they dealt with it quickly. I have my high respect to MS and Nintendo unlike you. And Kojima, he will take his time to make his game. I know it take time for him to release the game, but at least he is not rushing it.

343_Guilty_Spark1052d ago

His games are notoriously expensive and have huge developmental cycles and
me Stating an absolute fact is fan boyish? Cry to someone else.

DigitalRaptor1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

You didn't state any facts that reflect on Kojima-san's latest affiliation with Sony. You are stating something that reflects his time under Konami, who he is now well and truly rid of. So basically, you made up a hopeful scenario for yourself.

His development cycles are not "notoriously" huge.

There was 3 years between MGS1, MGS2 and MGS3, each. 3.5 years between MSG3 and MGS4. 2 years between MGS4 and Peace Walker. He also worked on and released two Zone of the Enders games whilst working on MGS2 & MGS3.

You should be sensible enough to know that is an average amount of time. In between the mainline games, he still found time to direct and produce lots of other games as well like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, P.T, various versions of Metal Gear Online, Metal Gear Acid, Portable Ops, and enhanced director's cut versions of his own games. Over the past 20 years he's had a lot on his plate working under Konami.

With his new independent studio, he is working on ONE game with plenty of support and resource from Sony Interactive Entertainment. Expect something closer to this:

PS4 swansong in 2019 - à la The Last of Us - sounds right.

Angel9111052d ago

No idea but it will definitely have deep confusing story and naked women with big bouncy boobs.

bixxel1052d ago

Give them a break, they really deserve one!

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