360 GamerTM: Hellboy: The Science Of Evil Review

360 GamerTM writes: "There are a whole bunch of ways we could start this review. We could, for one, launch into the age-old rant about how movie games are generally awful and how this one is no different – sure, it's closer to the comics than either movie but voice talent and release date both suggest it to be something of a companion title to The Golden Army. Then there's the comic angle, where we could discuss at length the widespread proliferation of titles based on comic books lately and again question their aggregate quality. We could even talk about the worrying number of games to follow the Devil May Cry/Ninja Gaiden/God of War template lately without the talent or ideas to pull it off. Instead though, we're just gonna keep things simple. Because however you judge Hellboy, one constant remains – it's a turgid and unenjoyable mess."

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