Xbox One User Installs Left 4 Dead 2 on Their Xbox One

Screenshots have emerged online that an Xbox One user was able to successfully install a digital version of Left 4 Dead 2 on their Xbox One.

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ScorpiusX684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

It becoming a BC title would be huge & welcomed. ( Wow Guess u can't be happy here)

aconnellan684d ago

You're right, L4D2 would be an awesome addition to Xbox One's BC list - while we're on Valve sequels, Portal 2 announcement would also be great

dirkdady684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

Interested to see stats on how many users actually use BC over pontificating about it online. Yeah it's great in spirit and a nice to have but is it practical in reality?
I still have my last gen systems but the feeling of getting behind on my current gen games is weighing on me much more than my desire to revisit a game that was released years ago.

My brain currently automatically goes "must continue to play fallout, must finish witcher find barons daughter, must complete Metal gear act ii, must open wrapping on Farcry... must Destroy Deathshead in wolfenstien".

MachuchalBrotha316684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

This would be great for the Xbox gamers.

Edit: I never played on Xbox 360 so would be like whole new game for me on Xbox One...HAI!!!

Unreal01684d ago

Why can't you be happy? You have 26 agrees lol. So confused.

This would be great news, Left 4 Dead 2 was fantastic.

ScorpiusX684d ago

Started out with disagrees for some apparent reason , guess wanting a good game to be BC is bad to some. Eventually the ones with sense showed up and started agreeing with the comment .

Mrveryodd683d ago

Any good news for Xbox owners is frowned upon here. Sad but true imo

ABizzel1681d ago


I don't think it would be huge, but it will most definitely be welcomed, it was my favorite 360 game, and easily in the top 3 of my most played games of last-gen.

Left 4 Dead, Warhawk, and Uncahrted 2 were my most played games.

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TheColbertinator684d ago

Very interested to see if February will have this surprise waiting

aconnellan684d ago

We should hear about February's GWG this week (usually around the last Thursday of the month), so that would be a great surprise!

TheColbertinator684d ago

Cool. The L4D community could use the revival on Live

SUCKxITxEZ684d ago

Pretty sure the L4D community doesn't care because they all play custom maps on pc. Helms deep is the greatest L4D map ever.

MachuchalBrotha316684d ago

Suckitez, ahh well we talk Xbox not PC.

Mikefizzled684d ago

They are changing their policy of BC games. It's now 'When they are ready' instead of bunching them together at a set date.

gangsta_red684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

Wow...let L4D2 be happening for next months GwG! And if so I wonder if that would be any indication for the rumored part 3 happening soon.

magiciandude684d ago

That would be awesome to play L4D2 on the Xbox One. A must have on the BC list!

SlapHappyJesus684d ago

If that goes BC, you will definitely see a fairly large base flocking to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.