10 Games We Would Love to See Get PC Ports

COG writes - The recent PC release of Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen has us thinking of potential PC ports. Here's 10 games we'd love to see get the port treatment.

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GrapesOfRaf1029d ago

Ya I think these are all pretty decent picks

Digital_Anomaly1029d ago

Not gonna lie... big, big fan of the Viva Piñata series!

mindtwang1029d ago

Best game Rare ever made.

MzDino1029d ago

Yakuza series!! More people need to play the series, it's just amazing...that is, after we get Yakuza Ishin! and Yakuza Kiwami localized for NA.

yuukiliu1029d ago

Ishin will never be localized. Kenzan never did so the chances of Ishin releasing in Na is basically 0. It was a great game too. Sweet combat system. Can't wait for yakuza 6! It looks amazing.

Zarock1029d ago

Corpse Party not Included wtf!

Digital_Anomaly1029d ago

Why are you so angry? OH... never mind...

Perjoss1029d ago

My number 1 PC most wated game is RDR, followed by Bloodborne. Having Dark Souls 3 release on PC soon softens the Bloodborne blow a bit but I'd still love to play this amazing game at 60fps and with a touch of FSAA.

mocaak1029d ago

Agree with RDR, I don't understand why it wasn't released on PC. it's an essential game to play. As for Bloodborne, don't expect it to release on PC, it's owned by Sony.

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