PS3 Music Peripheral Compatibility Update

+ Posted by Michael Shorrock // Director of 3rd Party Relations, SCEA

Hi everybody, Michael Shorrock, here. I'm the Director of Publisher Relations here at SCEA. I work closely with all of the publishers and developers who create games for all PlayStation platforms. While SCEA had a ton of great announcements at E3, I'm excited to say, we have one more for today, one that I know a lot of you have been asking about.

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titntin3745d ago

Awesome news - and about time too!

There absolutely should be a standard.

I bought GH on the 360 specifically because of the incompatability of the guitars with rock band on the PS3, which have forced me to buy different versions of the same instrument!

SpecialSauce3744d ago

now i just got to buy one of those games.

barom3744d ago

Really awsome of sony to step in like that. Thought this would never happen.

pwnsause3745d ago

Good thats what I wanted to hear for a long time.

WhittO3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

i mean, if people go and buy all the equipment for rockband 2, they are going to buy GH aswell and get the most use out of their drums and guitars they can !

Otherwise someone isn't gona make alot of profit since most people will go for one or the other - not both

NanoGeekTech3744d ago

Way to go Sony.....Thats very good news..

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The story is too old to be commented.