Gamasutra Q&A: Suda & Mikami On Partnering With EA

When Electronic Arts announced two new developers signing to the EA Partners program for independent studios, the more surprising one by far was Grasshopper Manufacture, the Japanese team behind Killer7 and No More Heroes.

The deal was brokered by Tetsuya Mizuguchi's studio Q Entertainment (Lumines, Meteos), and represents Electronic Arts' first major high-profile partnership with a third-party Japanese developer since its venture with Square that ended in 2003.

Following the announcement, Gamasutra sat down with Suda and Mikami to discuss the deal, as well as Suda's reflections on game design and producers.

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La Chance3747d ago

Killer 7 was a good game but near the end the story just got way out of hand , too confusing.The game was far too repetitive too.

I heard No More Heroes was first planned for the 360 then they changed platforms because they were interested in the whole Wii motion thing.I hope with this new deal they'll bring it back to the 360.

Sharpshell3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

cause it wont be. BTW good job ignoring the other half of the partnership. Mikami is the man responsible for the Resident Evil series. No More Heroes was awesome, Resident evil was awesome, this game will be awesome regardless of what system its on (since its EA, all of them).