GamersInfo Review - World Championship Cards

GamersInfo Writes:

"Card games have, for better or for worse, been rather popular in today's society. Perhaps this is due to the popularity of the "World Poker Tour," which airs virtually every weekend on the Travel Channel. Quite frankly, I do not really care for card games. This is probably due to the influence of the former pastor at my family's church (he preached against gambling outside of sermons), and the fact that I find them boring. Enter in Crave's World Championship Cards.

In this game, you create an avatar who begins the card journey in his/her parents' garage as s/he works his/her way up the card championship ladder. Why is that person stuck playing 33 different card games (around 29 if the variations of rummy and solitaire and war are removed) instead of being on the poker tour? My best guess is that the avatar cheated Dave Foley out of a few million when they last time they met for poker."

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