GameZone: NERF N-Strike Preview

NERF: N-Strike is an upcoming rail-gun shooter from EA Games. The Wii game is based on the NERF: N-Strike line of foam-dart guns, which are made to look more realistic, and comes with a nifty NERF gun that doubles as a Wii Zapper replacement. The game's casual action-oriented gameplay will appeal to younger gamers looking for something easy to get into, but the overall experience is still pretty fun for hardcore gamers.

N-Strike has the basic elements that you've seen in myriad other rail-shooters, like Time Crisis or House of the Dead. The particular level on display at EA's recent press event had the player shooting down flying robots with foam darts instead of bullets. As you go, you'll be able to unlock new NERF guns with higher fire rates or more kick to them.

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