GameZone: The Godfather II Preview

The original Godfather game was a solid take on the anti-hero genre, offering a wide open world to explore and fantastic production values. The game sold well, making it a given that EA would once again want to tackle the universe popularized by Francis Ford Coppola's beloved film franchise. The Godfather Part II once again puts players in the world of organized crime ran by Michael Corleone and his associates. This time, the game is poised to offer more of a strategy element than its predecessor, as well as an emphasis on letting you discover what it truly means to be a Don. GameZone recently attended a Showcase hosted at EA's Redwood Shores studio in order to get some impressions on the ambitious title.

In The Godfather Part II, you begin by creating a new character similar to how the first game began. However, this time around is a bit different, as your character quickly becomes imbued with the responsibility of running Michael Corleone's Miami operations, effectively becoming a Don from the get-go.

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