PS3 Video Store - Where Are All the Rentals?

Loot Ninja writes:

"I was looking through the PS3 Video Store over the weekend in hopes to rent a movie instead of driving out to BlockBuster. Specifically, I wanted to rent 21. I knew it was on the store, so it didn't take long to find it. To my astonishment, it's not available as a rental. You can only purchase the movie for $14.99. Wait, what?"

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kapedkrusader3743d ago

It's stupid that things this obvious get done. Who the hell made that decision?

xjxdoggystyyle3743d ago

i know some of yall are die hard sony fans and would defend it till the death..but...the psn video store is not even close to being as good as the 360 service...and with netflix on the way....geez...not even in the same atmosphere

BiggDaddy3113743d ago

Netflix is over-rated. I don't know if you have a netflix account but the movies that are availible for download are pretty terrible. Home will have a virtual theater which may trump the Netflix partnership. But you are right 360 at present has a better service. Sony needs to get on the ball and add some more content pronto!

NowGen3743d ago

why did xbox live even have to be mentioned? there goes any hope of having an intelligent discussion.

Panthers3743d ago

I do agree that all the download movies on Netflix are no good, and I think blockbuster online is much better than Netflix.

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taz80803743d ago

This is dumb, this definitely gives 360 an edge with Netflix coming soon

TOSgamer3743d ago

Why? Because the Netflix streaming has new movies? That would be a negative.

This guy saved some money anyway. 21 was not very good.

beavis4play3743d ago

without the x360, so give that a rest.

kinggeoff3743d ago

ok let's forget netflix, what about all the other movies already on live that you can rent? seems like a pretty big oversight on sony's part for this one. Though MS' rental policy on live sucks big blk donkey we all lose in this case :( damn you blockbuster and your lousy bluray selection

LegendKillar3743d ago

the rental policy on the psn video store is the same, you get the movie for 14 days or for 24 hours after first play, the only difference is that sony gives you the option to buy the movies also.

BiggDaddy3113743d ago

You can also download it and watch it on your PSP, which shouldn't be overlooked.

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taz80803743d ago

No rentals = dumb idea

Overr8ed3743d ago

most of the videos in the Store are Rentals. (well that i saw)

Fishy Fingers3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Being EU, more importantly, Wheres the Video Store?

Although, yesterday Id discovered a wonderful place called Blockbuster. Rented Rambo in BR. Buying tomorrow :) looked great, sorry this is going off topic.

legendkilla3743d ago

im in Canada.... where's the movie store?

lento3743d ago

just about to say the same thing.. Surprised when it was announced for the states that we didn't get here up north

cervantes993743d ago

I rented Rambo from Xbox marketplace thinking this movie will suck but I'll give it a try. That movie was sweet and I quickly purchased on Blu-Ray.

Back on topic though, I am very disappointed by Sony's video store and most movies being purchase only. EVERY movie up on the site should have a rental option.

Mr_Bun3743d ago

No love for us Canucks!

Mr BlueScreen3743d ago

I Live in Maine! You know, near Canada! I love CANADA! GO Canucks!

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timmyp533743d ago

pissed him off a bit i c. I wanted it too but now im buying the blu-ray .Most likely this is because its new and from sony pictures. Video store is overall great though.

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