Planet Xbox 360: Fable Pub Games Review

The concept of releasing an Xbox Live Arcade title to coincide with a new retail title is nothing new, as done most recently with the re-imagined Bionic Commando. Yet, Peter Molyneux has never been satisfied with just doing what has been done before. Molyneux reaches for new ground again with Fable 2 tie-in, Pub Games, with the first XBLA title to feed data into the new retail game to give you a bonus for playing it. The three casino-type games are all re-imagined takes on existing games, but fresh enough to earn them their unique names.

Spinnerbox is easily the worst of the three. It is about as productive and interactive as sitting at a slot machine in real-life. The game provides a triangular wooden box with three slots on it for various pictures to land. As you progress through the game, additional spinnerboxes are unlocked to give you more slots, but you are unlikely to stick around on this one that long. Though you only need to match two slots to win, it is just as cruel and difficult as a real slot machine. While the other two modes offer some logic, Spinnerbox becomes a constant stream of pressing 'A' to spin again. You might want to vary your bet from time to time, just to keep yourself awake.

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