The 5 Best Final Fantasy Spinoff Games

Some of the best Final Fantasy titles lie outside of the main series of games.

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Orejillz972d ago

Definitely one of the best.

PoopsMcGee972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

I'd say definitely THE best.

It ranks in my top 5 Final Fantasy games overall quite easily.

If it's in my top 5 overall, you better believe it is by far the best FF spinoff IMO...

But to each their own :)

3-4-5972d ago

My favorite is Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2.

Haven't played FFTA1.

I've played the first 2-3 missions of Final Fantasy Tactics, and some things about it really annoy me and are more frustrating than they need to be.

The Story from what I've heard is awesome in FFT though, but the gameplay in FFTA2 is amazing.

I really want FFTA3, more than any other Final Fantasy game.

* Honorable mention goes to Final Fantasy Crystical Chronicles: Ring of Fates & Echoes of Time.

DivineAssault 972d ago

FF adventures on gameboy & tactics on gba/ps1

FallenAngel1984972d ago

Kingdom Hearts is one of the best Final Fantasy spin offs