Spore rated PG by BBFC for 'little buggers' reference

Destructoid writes: "The British Board of Film Classification have thoroughly laid down the law on Will Wright's upcoming game of creature modification and evolution, Spore. The BBFC, which also rates some videogames, have decided that the ostensibly mild violence and the reference of a small alien species as "little buggers" is enough to warrant a PG rating. The rating means that there is a possibility that the game could "disturb" any child under eight-years-old. As to the reference, here is the BBFC's comment on the matter.

'…the language in the game comes late on, as the creatures and organisms at the beginning have no method of communication. Once players get to the space level, a group of aliens are referred to as 'little buggers' by a character training the player to fly a spaceship.'

Of course, violence also plays a part in Spore. According to the BBFC, the violence shown in the game is presented as a 'brief flash of red and a few spots of 'meat' which the organism must swim over to eat and grow.' After reading about the disgusting amount of gore in the game, I had to stop and take a deep breath. I am afraid I can no longer report on this decidedly nasty and terrible title. I can only hope that children never get their hands on Spore. Humanity's future could very well be compromised if developers continue to spew out this filth into our culture. What's next Mr. Wright? Are you going to include longer claws and teeth?"

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S1nnerman3746d ago

Not just in the UK but globally. Of course, each country has very different standards but it's just getting silly now. ELSPA, BBFC, ESRB... So many different bodies that rate games. We need one organisation per country that applies an industry approved/supported template of rating games that puts in place proportionate, appropriate, transparent and consistent criteria for rating games.

BlackCountryBob3746d ago

TBH a U rating is basically so tame that there is no content to rate so a PG is pretty standard.

I am sure there are more pressing stories to write about or is it a slow news day over at Destructoid?

efjio173746d ago

isn't this rather realistic? if two creatures were fighting to the death, there would be much more gore and chunks of blood and guts. really? i mean, how safe can you POSSIBLY make childhood? Teaching your children that everything is filled with cream puffs and lollipops is not a good idea.

christian hour3746d ago

Yr avatar along with yr reply made me choke on my cigarette from too much laughter. Hahaha.