TheHDRoom: Too Human Review

Ten years has allowed Silicon Knights to polish this game to death, but some key gameplay deficiencies drag it down a few notches.

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InMyOpinion3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Another review from a source I've never heard of. Higher score than the last one at least.

"Ten years has allowed Silicon Knights to polish this game to death"

Wrong again...The project has been ten years in planning, but the actual 360 game has been in development for 2-3 years and not 10.

Deviant3743d ago

the sad thing ...this is gonna be one of the better reviews (score wise)

SpecialSauce3743d ago

u guys should be happy they gave it that.

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DaKid3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

What is truely sad is people giving TooHumanFlopped bubbles for spamming those websites. Shows a lot about this so called "News for Gamers".

Lol at Disagrees, I guess to each his own.

Superfragilistic3743d ago

Even the better scores can't get their facts right! :(

TheHDRoom writes:

"even up to three buddies playing co-op online."

kinggeoff3743d ago

if any of the reviewers actually PLAYED the game.

La Chance3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I agree with you.The 360 wasnt even out 3 years ago and people keep acting like SK have been working on Too Human 360 for 10 years.It makes no sense at all.
Thats a good score , I was wondering where on planet earth were the Too Human reviews , we're only a day from release.

edit : I just come from seeing the 1up review...

aiphanes3743d ago

According to silicon knights...

The Lazy One3742d ago

Most people were expecting mid 70's to 80's, and so far that's pretty much what it's averaging. I think there's going to be a couple more people that love it and a couple more that hate it, but the average is probably going to fall around 70.

It's easily better than the 1up review. "Yea... this sucks, and you know what? THIS SUCKS TOO... you know what else? that thing you already know is fine from the demo? sucks..." The 1up dude didn't even explain WHY half the stuff was bad. He complained about loot for chrissakes.

SacT0wnF1n3st3742d ago

You never heard of 1UP and Game Informer?

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RebornSpy3743d ago

I expected mixed or low reviews based off of the critics' reactions to the Too Human demo, which I loved. 7.9 is a good score, though. Ninja Gaiden 2 had similar ratings and it was great. I'll probably at least rent the game.

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Gam713743d ago

which is what happened with haze. you got a taste of your own medicine.

boy this game seems to have upset you.
at least this is a good game.
of course you're all basing your opinions on actually playing the game and not your blinkered vision coupled with deliberately picking out anything you can twist as negative from reviews ignoring the good aspects.

The demo was a lot of fun.
play it and find out for yourselves, if your ego's will let you.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )


Keep your drivel to yourself.I did try Too Human and it is the most broken game since Two Worlds.The game is poorly built,the graphics are laughable,I can't control Baldur's camera at all and the game is a wreck.

The enemies look the same all the time and even changing 5 classes did'nt help me like this game.It is so awful.Look,go talk about a really good game like Gears 2 or something.

Too Human is an unplanned abortion

@Dkgshiz and Juuken

Bubble for you both cause you see the truth.

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