Gameplanet Preview: Midnight Club: Los Angeles

GP reports:

''For Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Rockstar has gone back to basics and set the game entirely within the confines of the metropolis of L.A. In typical Grand Theft Auto IV fashion they've gone "up" rather than just "out", preferring to concentrate on applying a mind-bending level of detail to every single component within the game, rather than simply providing endless kilometres of boring motorway. If you've been to L.A., you'll recognise real-world shops and buildings in the game - it's that authentic. They've even lifted the same RAGE engine from GTA IV, complete with variable traffic patterns, a complete day/night cycle and realistic, handling-affecting weather patterns. Nice.

The game has been in development for over three years, allowing Rockstar to provide a comprehensive map of Los Angeles that is over three times larger than the city from Midnight Club 3. This became immediately obvious from the beginning of our demonstration, as we were shown the spacious boulevards and large shop fronts of down-town Santa Monica, followed by a jaunt along the beach and a quick look at the highway system. Of course, we were averaging around two hundred kilometres an hour at the time, but even at that speed you can still clearly see the effort they've put in.''

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