Gameplanet Review: Braid

GP reports:

''When I first read the description of Braid I thought, save the Princess... what is this! Mario!? Well, I can honestly say this game has very little to do with Mario aside from that they are both jump and run platformers. Upon entering the game you are greeted by beautiful levels, in a painted style much as though you were running through some sort of a portrait. The story is read by passing over books which are placed at the entry to the six worlds, and this reads somewhat surreal and melancholy. I found myself touched by the story and it really ties in with the levels, giving you clues to an extent on how to solve the puzzles.

Puzzles? Yeah, Braid is essentially a puzzle platformer. The aim is, well, to save the princess, but in each world you are collecting puzzle pieces which are littered around in hard to reach places, and you need to use your head to figure out how to get to them. Like a jigsaw, these puzzle pieces then need to be combined to make a bigger picture. But it's not that simple. Braid is built around an amazing feature allowing you to manipulate time. It is almost an insult to Braid to refer to this as a feature, as it is an intrinsic part of Braid - the puzzle pieces simply can't be reached without it. But I don't want to go into what this is used for too much, as it would be a real shame to spoil any of the puzzles for you.''

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