1up: Too Human Review

Giancarlo Varanini of 1up writes:

Too Human is not a good role-playing game. The five available character classes (Berserker, Defender, Champion, Commando, and Bioengineer) initially offer some strategic gameplay differences because of their proficiency in certain skills -- the Berserker is better with melee weapons, while the Bioengineer has regenerative health. But beyond the first level, these differences become less substantial. Methods for defeating enemies are largely the same for all classes because almost every single enemy attacks with the same rushing-horde mentality.

The game is simply schizophrenic; it attempts to be all things to all people and never succeeds in executing any of them well.

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Diugu3747d ago

Thats bad.. I'm giving up on this game now.

el_bandito3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

9 years since E3'99 seem not enough.....

3746d ago
Chris Hansen3746d ago

Holy crap, Too Human development really did start from 1999. Nine year development cycle for this game...

RebornSpy3746d ago

Someone made a new account just to make fun of Too Human. Super mature dude. What makes it even worse is that the next person to comment(possibly same person, different account) says he's giving the dude bubbles. And the gamer zone no less. Open zone is that way ----->

I don't remember ppl making troll accounts when Lair or Haze flopped. Some people enjoyed those games, just as some people will enjoy Too Human. To those people the games didn't "flop".

And I bet if the game got good reviews you guys would be saying "OMG, M$ payed for gud reviews!!!11!1"

hazeblaze3746d ago

Dude, ppl STILL talk about the flopage that is Haze & Lair!!! Every console has bad games to go with the good ones... The hype for Haze was no where near as big as the fanboy hype around this game though. It has been one of the games to justify the 360's lineup in 08... that's why it burns so bad. If Fable 2 is good though, it'll probably be quickly forgotten. Both Haze & Lair were followed by some pretty GREAT games on the PS3. That's what the 360 needs right now b/c the game lineup this year has looked pretty weak so far.

The Wood3746d ago

maybe you didnt notice that there are people on n4g called ha3e and l.a.i.r who take the piss. I noticed them. Goes both ways

gaffyh3746d ago

"The 1UP Network features reviews from our panel of experts, including our editors at Electronic Gaming Monthly. We rate games on a scale of A+ through F. Anything we score in the A+ through A- range is considered excellent, B+ through B- is good, C+ through C- is average, D+ through D- is bad, and F is terrible."

So C- is like a low average (so not a complete flop).

Leathersoup3746d ago

I dunno if I trust someone who works for OPM to review an Xbox game. Check out the interests section on his page at 1up.

He's got nothing on his page except for Playstation 3 spooge.

morganfell3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Rebornspy, maybe you should look at the repeated accounts made by GOTY2207/pog/756

And as far as complaining about the reviewer being a PS3 fan...weak. It isn't the reviewer, it is the game, okay? I guess the reviewer at Game Informer was a PS3 fanatic too? Do you realize by the end of the week how many Too Human reviewers and their respective editors you will have to accuse of being PS3 fanboys?

Just so you are aware, all reviews have to get approved by the Editor in Chief. This isn't a one man show. Maybe I should not have said that because now will come a plethora of ridiculous comments that 1up is a Sony site when even Mongols that live in the far corners of the Gobi Desert know that 1up/EGM have been hounding Sony for quite some time. When you get a magazine cover with a tomato slammed against a 360 then you can start to think the staff doesn't like your console.

Until then you are going to have to accept the fact that Too Human isn't a great game. When trying to fathom why you can begin with the fact that the head of the Development Studio is an arrogant ass that believes nothing he does is wrong. It is difficult at best to fix your errors when you believe you have none.

jmare3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Nice try. OPM has been gone for almost two years and he has only recently come back to 1up. And so he likes the PS3, that doesn't mean that as a professional journalist he can be objective when reviewing a 360 game. That's why they are called professionals and they work for legitimate companies instead of fanboys posting on a forum.

dan-boy3746d ago

but i dont need a reviewer to tell me i enjoyed the demo very much will be getting this on day one. i've been looking forward to this since the demo hit.

just had a peek in the open or should it be re-named the virgin zone???? saddest place on the internet.

Bubble Buddy3746d ago

@ RebornSpy: What about the dude with the "Liar" account. etc etc.

juuken3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Wow...just wow.

Hey, if you want to buy the game, then by all means buy it.

Enjoy it.

Have fun.

But don't regret your purchase afterwards.

If the game didn't make reviewers say 'WOW' or 'AMAZING', then it's a bad game.

And I cannot believe you have the audacity to defend the rabid 360 fanboys here when they do the same exact thing-create fake accounts to harass/attack others.

Honestly, do you think it's right for someone to create an account talking about someone's private parts? -.-

The *troll* you're attacking only attacked a game. A game does not have feelings or physical attributes. I'm sure that the *troll* did not say anything that was inappropriate, or rude towards a person.

butterfinger3746d ago

the GI review I just read are hilarious since I was accused of not liking this game due to the fact that it was on the 360. I played the demo on my 360 and I couldn't stand the game (especially the targeting), but there will always be those that love it. Too Human = Microsoft's Haze. lmfao.

RebornSpy3746d ago

I don't remember those accounts, but knowing those users' track records, I'm not surprised. I guess both sides have trolls. I never really payed attention to the PS stories until recently, since prior to a few weeks ago, I didn't own a PS3. All the consoles are great, it's just frustrating when trolls come along and make lame comments.

I don't remember ever seeing any Wii trolls on this site, though. I'm sure they are around somewhere...

Bombibomb3746d ago

Dennis Dyack: 0 | Haters: 2

Mao3746d ago

And here I am preparing to go buy my 360 for Infinite Undiscovery, Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesparia, Blue Dragon, Star Ocean 4, Last Remnant....yikes, maybe it's a good thing to cross an RPG off the list.

PS3 fans can cheer, looks like the 360 got its Lair/Haze. The question is now how does Too Human sell? The 360 fanbase is VERY committed to software. Is this going to be a top seller, or a bomb? We'll see.

BattleAxe3746d ago

Well, there we are, just like I thought it would turn out. Now I guess we can hopefully stop this ridiculous 360 fanboyism.

KingME3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Are you serious. I agree this dudes page is laced with PS3 things. And if you are going to call yourself a "Professional" you shouldn't post things on your blog that would lead people to believe you are bias. If you personally like a certain console, it shouldn't be displayed in your professional realm.

It's kinda like being a politician that is hanging out with a hooker yet he says he's not doing her. (haha, I know the analogy is whack, but anyway.) How many people would think that he's telling the truth, and that him and the hooker are just homie's hanging out.

It the dude wants to be taken seriously as a neutral reviewer, perhaps he should put things on his site for both systems. But, I'll be honest with you, when I saw his page, I chuckled and said, "Wow" another professional fanboy.

I'll buy the game and check it out for myself, I liked the demo and believe I'll like the game also. Another problem with this guys "PROFESSIONAL" report was that he had no pros for the game only cons, which is bad reporting in itself. I need to remember his name, because he has "0" credibility with me.

AAACE53746d ago

I think I predicted it would get a score like that a while ago on here! I kind of knew this game wouldn't be that great, and after playing the demo... I knew I was right!

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jamilion3747d ago

Guess it didn't live up to the hype and like the 6 years of development time didn't help either.
If 1up is crapping on this MICROSOFT EXCLUSIVE game, then what are other websites going to give this game?

power of Competence3746d ago

I really liked the vision and concept of this game. It's a shame it wasn't executed well. Must be pretty bad for the crew at SK to work on something for such a long time and have it not meet their expectations.

StephanieBBB3746d ago

Ignoring the story some what and basing a game on Loot and killing lots of monsters is not a good idea.

If Too human had a better story and not been focused around slash em up this game could actually be good.

Right now Too human is more like dynasty warriors with robots and excessive loot...

juuken3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

*falls out of chair laughing*

I *did* say that this game was going to end up like Haze. You either love it or you hate it.

Lol, why disagree? Why in the blue hell would you disagree? This game was being touted as the second coming when it was practically mediocre.

Go ahead and buy the game. I'm not stopping any of you. I'm just glad my $60.00 will be going towards Soul Caliber 4 next week.

3746d ago
rhood0223746d ago

I think the fact that the game wasn't showcased during MS E3 Press conference was telling. In fact, I was really surprised that it wasn't shown in that capacity and just reinforced my view that even MS "gave up" on this title.

Montrealien3746d ago

Juuken, you get so much pleasure out of 360 failures it is scary sometimes ;P

I`ll still be buying it, because I can judge a game on my own and don`t care what otehrs think. to each his own. We are all snowflakes.

juuken3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Maybe, but nobody believed me when I said this game may end up like Haze with mixed scores. :D

EDIT: ^-^! *offers cookies*
Dude, we have got to talk on PSN. >.<
I'm getting on tonight. :3

PimpDaddy3746d ago

Still waiting. You need to get WarHawk.

As for the review. Well I enjoyed the demo. So at least I may que this game up on GameFly and check it out. I am still waiting on the other reviews too.

juuken3746d ago

I shall get Warhawk! I have a list of must-buy games already and it's on the list.

Don't worry dude, I shall be online soon. :)

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jkhan3746d ago

Oh boy that is gonna hurt. That is seriously gonna hurt Denis Dyack. 2 bad reviews so far. This won't end well for the game. People at NeoGAF will be laughing mad.

rhood0223746d ago

No No...there is that 93/100 from some random Greek Magazine that popped up a few weeks ago. These scores are faaaaake! Too Human is Jesus and Buddha combined! You get to go around and collect armor and stuff. That adds like 90,000 extra hours!


Esena3746d ago

So its a contradiction?

witchking3746d ago

I think what's interesting is that there are two reviews here, a primary one and a second opinion. And, as many have said here -- me, juuken, others -- Too Human is going to be a love it or hate it game. Even the 1up reviewers have split opinions on it.

Again, for the record, try the demo. If you liked the demo, you'll like the game. If you didn't like the demo, no review score will change your opinion of the full game.

Bombibomb3746d ago

Um you are confused. The rating is C- out of A+. There aren't two reviews.

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