Gameplanet Review: Soul Calibur IV

GP reports:

''Soul Calibur IV is an interesting addition to the Soul series. Previous versions of this game, in my opinion, haven't stood out as being really any better than Soul Calibur. Until now. It still has the old arcade feel but the graphics are outstanding, detailed and animated fluidly. Ivy has bigger knockers than ever, Seigfried's giant cricket bat – I mean, sword – is still immensely amusing to thrash about. Mitzirugi is an outstanding character that is tougher to pick up at first, but like a good samurai, perseverance in learning his moves pays off in the end. Maxi is super fast and as cool as an Asian Elvis with his nunchakus, and Kilik remains arse-kicking with his quick moving staff of death delivering the pain.

Oh yeah, and Voldo can still gross one out with his pervert-at-a-parade look, clad seemingly only in studded leather belts, his fighting style can be considered as "beware the thrusting pelvis of doom."

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