Pocket Gamer: Hellboy: The Science of Evil Review

Although they're blessed with astonishing powers and are generally adored by mere mortals, being a superhero isn't exactly a bed of roses; you have to endure garish, figure-hugging costumes and the indignity of wearing underpants on the outside of your clothing. However, even these inconveniences pail in comparison to the kind of issues that Hellboy encounters.

But then he's not your 'average' superhero.

Thrown into our world thanks to the malevolent dabblings of insane Nazi occultists in World War II, Hellboy is actually a demon who has willingly relinquished his naturally nefarious ways in order to fight for the forces of good. His appearance is highly unconventional, given his heroic profession – he sports a blood-red complexion, a chin that would make Bruce Forsythe blush and a colossal stone arm (known as the Right Hand of Doom) with which he can quite literally smash through solid walls.

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