Are video games addictive?

From the article: "Question: Dear Dr. Scott. I have a 14-year-old boy who would rather play video games than do anything else. He used to play with friends, do sports and be outside more in middle school. Now, video games are all he does. I thought it might be a phase, but we recently had a family reunion with my sisters and their kids from out-of-state and it was like pulling teeth to even get him to come out of his room. I was embarrassed by how he ignored everyone. It's become quite a sore subject in this family. We have to fight him just to get him to do chores and homework. I'm not sure what to do anymore. It's not like the video games he plays are bad, but he is becoming unbearable. When we take it away from him, he just gets even more difficult to deal with. What do you think? "Samantha"

Answer: Thanks for your question, "Samantha." Sounds like your son is addicted to video games.

I have seen more and more of this over the last few years. I know what you mean, it really can become quite a problem. Video games might not be as damaging as drugs, gambling or compulsive sex; but it can be a destructive addiction nonetheless."

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monkey6023744d ago

From personal experience Yes... and No.

I have had nights when I should have gone to bed an hour or two before but I kept playing on in games to find out what happens next, Rank up or get an Achievement. But I would never chose to stay inside over going out with friends or doing something I need to do. It's a mind set and depends completely on the person in question.

The kid this is about proabably has an addictive personality in general and the mother has got to help him but at the same time be thankful that its video games and not something illegal or extremely dangerous.

The Reply to the mother is also a good one but this does beg one big question...

... Is this really news worthy?! it's nothing more than a common worried mother with a problem begging for help on a forum.

Sharpshell3744d ago

Lets be honest... family reunions are boring and awkward, I'm sure anyone would rather play videogames but we put up with them becuase its important, somehow. This person should stip wasting her time asking inane questions and go tell her kid, you made yourself look like a jerk to your relatives, now go do your chores or say goodbye to the PC/Ps3/360/wii or w/e. Thats what my dad did, because all kids will do the thing thats most fun unless a little parenting is involved