Fanboys need to learn respect

Extract: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo may be the major rivals in the "console war" but never have they disrespected each other. The minority of fanboys however that do disrespect anything gaming are tarnishing the games industry and even their devoted game, console or point of view. Can't we just all get along?

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Mr PS33744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Key word for the Bots "RESPECT"

Do you Understand That Bots "RESPECT"

It's aimed at the likes of
Pog,Mart,Rhezin,pp,First night,Bloodmask,BladeMask,Zero dum,Zhuk,Sinner
All Disrespectful little Bots

Respect your Elders Bots

ps360fella3744d ago

i guess when u have no FvCKING LIFE like Mr PS3 over here u just fall in love with something that will always accept u and never judge u for being such a FvCKING LOSER like MR PS3, that they just become obsessed with it and always take things too far like MR PS3. Yea that FvCKING lOSER

HighDefinition3744d ago

Is the most over used word in gaming.

BiggDaddy3113744d ago

And the definition is so obsurd and stupid that you can litterly use it to describe anyone that is a fan of anything. So I am a New Orleans Saints 'Fanboy', a USA Olympic team 'Fanboy', a Tiger Woods 'Fanboy' I could go on for days of all my Fanboy isms.

Sonics0203744d ago

Some fanboys need to learn respect, but not all. It is not a bad thing to support a console and make arguments defending it and even saying why it is the best console on the market, but some people go as far as to insult people and say absolutely childish things that really destroys any chance of intelligent argument.

Ghoul3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

erm yes it is a bad thing to defend one console.
or let me say it this way, it is ok to like even love a certain product and even defending it (on a normal level) agains the competition.

brand loyalty is a good thing but it comes down to personal taste.

almost every other section in entertainment shares a global interested in technics and only argue about taste of genre and if a movie, comic, book etc. is of good quality or entertaining.

but in gaming people defend theyre hardware wich is only there to PLAY games, the 360 doesnt make games, nor does it make fun alone. its the games, and thats what people should argue about not the bloody player.

the word fan comes from fanatic and exactly those "fans" mostly loose theyre view for reality because of theyre fanatic love/hate for/against something.

and i really dont think you can argue about wich console is better (well atleast not aslong your not a technician and are discussing about the cpu ram etc, of each console.) you can only argue about games genres and therefor about exclusives or not.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3744d ago

Watch the 360 "trolls" try to act tough coming in here scratching their butts and eating fleas like a group of unevolved gorillas.

Just when you think xbots could'nt be more retarded,they set a new record with each one of their self-deluded rants.

highps33744d ago

And whatever company they are with. I shall open a petition to have them destroyed.

Seriously go sit with Queefy B in the corner and shut the uck up.

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