Those Were the Days – Arcade Party

A look back at a key moment in one gamer's life at the local video games arcade.

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SpamnJam670d ago

I miss those old school arcades so much. They were the best

Morgue669d ago (Edited 669d ago )

Ground Kontrol in Portland, OR. All ages till 4 or 5 I think and then 21 and over at night. Full bar, top floor is all pinball machines, lower floor is stand ups.

10 minute walk from my place downtown and I'll easily spend $20

Hewso669d ago

That sounds awesome. Sadly nothing like that still around in Australia.

Mapsman670d ago

Those parties were the best. I remember something similar where myself and a few friends finished Die Hard Arcade. Good write up. You have got me pining for the good old days

Hewso669d ago

Oh I remember that game. Was a good one

Kiwi66669d ago

Back then it was about trying to get the top score and having fun hanging out with your mates and no one cared about how many pixels a game had