Japan: Want to have sex with a game console?!

On 29 august, Phi-Age (a sub brand of the legendary bishoujo game maker AGE SOFT), will release PICO PICO:
the very first hentai PC game that let's you have sex with videogame consoles (or better, with girls dressed like Famicom, Dreamcast, PS2, etc)...

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name3747d ago

surprised kotaku didn't publish this story since it's about hentai related things

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3745d ago

Whaaaaaaaaaat??? Your not allowed to??? ;-D
(Tip - Don't keep it Plugged in when you want to er erm get it on with your SEXY Console!!!(SEXY Console=PS3) ;) You will look silly having a Orgasm and a Electric Shock at the same time!!!) ;-D

monkey6023747d ago

WTF?! Some people have disturbed minds!

Kami3746d ago

Japanese fetishes. but its still bad

harrisk9543746d ago

i wonder if they have multiplayer? ;)

deeznuts3746d ago

You say that meanwhile I'd wager you have seen and laughed at girls have sex with donkeys, horses, or even once a freaking dalmation.


monkey6023746d ago

@ Deeznutz

Nope. I can claim innocence to that. I have even managed to avoid 2 girls 1 cup ( unfortunately I know what it is ).

xhairs93746d ago


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

AAACE53746d ago

If this game comes out on the Ps3, i'm sure the fanboys will make sure it sells millions!


But yeah, some things are just a little too wierd...this being one of them!

jtucker783746d ago

Sounds like Nintendo have met their match. Motion controls, balance boards...

...I bet the peripheral that comes with this game will be a lot more - er - exciting.

I wouldn't buy one second hand though. Yuk!

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monkey6023747d ago

I have hopes for some funny fanboy comments here. Dont dissapoint guys

Ozzyb3747d ago

Fanboy 1: Dude, 360 would be so much better in bed!
Fanboy 2: You're crazy man.. once you go Blu-Ray, you never go back!
Fanboy 3: Guys! I got dirty with my Wii, does that make me a pedo???

lol.. I'm waiting for the serious version of this.

kingme713746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

360 - "Doc, it's burning down there."
"Bad news, you caught the red ring of death."
"It was just one time and she said she was defect free"
"Of course she did, they all say the red ring is a thing of the past."

PS3 - Your place or mine... oh, I see you have no Home. I guess it's mine then. Let's go quickly and bring along your Sackboy.

Wii - Hey sexy, can you jot your friend code down on this paper.

12847384773920038473628394005 0434343422456....

Ummm... let's just go back to your place and I'll show you some motion control.

DS - Do you mind if I touch your screen? I'm just going to tickle you a little with my stylus. What!? Super Princess Peach? How old did you say you were?

PSP - Oh yeah, that's it,right there. Now just put that 2nd analog stick... Oh gosh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that. Yes, I still love you for who you are.

PC - Heya PC, back again? Wow, looking nice with the new chest, new hair, new face. New guy just started coming around here. His name is Crysis, though you might still not be up to his standards yet.

metalhead3746d ago

WTF! there are some really sick ppl out there

FrankieBit3746d ago

You don't like this hentai game or you just don't like sex in videogames?

monkey6023746d ago

Sex with women dressed as your favourite consoles... How can this be in anyway a good idea? A little obsessive no?

InMyOpinion3746d ago

Not 'women'. Young pre-teen school girls.

monkey6023745d ago

Jenzo any bad images in my mind just got a whole lot worse. thanks for that :S