Mirror's Edge Interview and Speculation - What will the Multiplayer Portion Be?

ButtonMasher writes - There has been a lot of talk about Mirror's Edge, some of it has been the most positive chatter I have ever read about a new IP prior to release. There is always the opposite as well, some people have fears that there will not be the re-playability that would give the game legs for months after the initial release and purchase, if there is one thing that would very easily quell these concerns it would be the inclusion of some kind of multiplayer functionality

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name3747d ago

For mirrors edge to succeed there needs to be alternate routes to every location and no "true" path. IMO the challenge could easily be made intriguing if you have to find the routes yourself and do what you can to get there using your knowledge of physics and your own body. Which is the spirit of free running. Not only that, but there has to be some kind of easter egg/challenges/reward aspects to it. So that you have something to do later on.

It's showing a lot of signs of Assassin's creed snydrome, but I have a lot of hopes pinned on this title because it really intrigues me. Let's hope dice pulls through.

BrotherNick3747d ago

I can see myself dying a lot playing this game, but being experimental with how and where I jump sounds fun.

VWGTI3747d ago

I can't wait for this game.

I'd love to see them add unlockable cheats such as a super-jump, increased speed and agility, and superhuman strength. It would give incentive to play through the game again.