Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty to cost £10 on PSN and Blu-ray

VG247: SCEE just confirmed that Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty will cost only £10 when it releases for PSN this Thursday.

The game will come out on Blu-ray on September 12, at the same price.

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yoghurt3743d ago

WOW. That is a great price, lets hope it gets reviewed with that in mind and not as a full retail price game

rhood0223743d ago

Doubt it. I guarantee you'll get a lot of "it's too short" comments.

Nitrowolf23743d ago

that pretty cool, getting BD

monkey6023743d ago

Cool. Didnt realise it was getting a BD version. I'll probably wait for that. I dont get to use my family's credit card often and I want the new Warhawk expansion. I want to try keep space on my HDD too.

thor3743d ago

Must be pretty small margins on a £10 blu-ray release I would think. I thought it was going to be download only.

Ben10543743d ago

they probably only get 10% less profit on bluray

juuken3743d ago

Nice price!

But Sony, PSN cards please...for the love of God! I really want to buy Wipeout HD and a few other games when they come out!

Nitrowolf23743d ago

Wipeout HD already out?
if it is i need to go get more PSN cards

juuken3743d ago

Not yet but it's coming.

GamerMan3743d ago

you can get a Visa giftcard from anywhere including your local wally world (Walmart for people that don't understand) ...

You can get a Visa giftcard also from your local bank which can be used online and anywhere. You put money on it and then use it like a normal Visa...

I will be downloading this game soon, Can't wait :)

juuken3743d ago

Oooh, I keep forgetting you can use gift cards! *smacks forehead*

GamerMan3743d ago

to forget about. I think everyone gets focused on those PSN cards and they forget about the easier solutions staring them in the face :)

I normally give visa giftcards as a gift to people to ensure they get what they want for sure and not tied down to that specific store.

Delive3743d ago

Not sure where you are, but I see those cards in Speedway gas stations all the time (In Ohio). If you have any there where you are, I would check.

juuken3743d ago

I live in New York and I've tried Gamestop for them but they had no idea what I was talking about. -.-

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The story is too old to be commented.