How Capcom Is Different

Among Japanese game developers, Capcom's done really well this generation. The company has launched new IPs, gone multi-plat and even still churns out big arcade games. Part of the reason for that success, at least on home console titles, is Capcom's own multi-platform engine, the MT Framework. While other Japanese developers are just starting to acknowledge the need to launch truly multi-platform titles in this next generation, Capcom was ready from the get-go.

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AAACE53742d ago

Capcom has embraced this new direction that games must go. While other companies were still trying to follow the past ways of previous console generations. Which is why capcom is doing well, and why others such as Square Enix are looking to follow that type of business model!

KidMakeshift3742d ago

The reason why Capcom is successful is because they make western games with a japanese mindset

deno3742d ago

Capcom has done well every generation!!!! You name a generation they did not have hits in since they existed?

Pain3742d ago

Capcon: Oh Sure M$ Exclusives it is!!

runs to bank to Cash FAT Checks.

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