New trailer for BLAZ BLUE: Calamity Trigger has been released

Arc System has released a new trailer for the upcoming 2D fighter Blaz Blue. New characters and new stages revealed.

The video cannot be embedded. See it at the link.

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sinncross3772d ago

Wow it looks great.

But seriously, this needs to be released as a PSn title, and at a lil more expensive then ur average PSN title.

I cant see this doing well on disc release, it doesn't even look like it covers half of a blu ray. I'd buy this PSN, or wait 2nd hand blu ray.

IT looks so more fun then the new SF titles IMHO.

[email protected]3771d ago

I have to disagree with this one pal. I highly preferred my disc over downloading data from the PSN store anyday. If I want to sell it(I don't sell my games but other people takes this as alternative) or lets some of my friends borrow it for a while the disc is the best choice. About the BluRay issue I don't see this as a problem the extra space on the disc could be fill with some trailers, behind the scene or some kind of bonuses to unlock or probably cinemas or some extra movies for the game just for the PS3 version.

Cinos1233771d ago

LTTP Is this even announced for any consoles? I thought It wasn't.

3771d ago
jams_shop3771d ago

this game is for Arcade and PS3 only right?

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