Great 5 Nintendo Wii Game Port Ideas

The word "port" sounds to be very risky particularly around the gamers and then there are definitely games out there that get ported over that become successful indeed! In this context, one of the greatest examples probably is Resident Evil 4 for the Nintendo Wii.


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kittoo3768d ago

They are truly next-gen games and Wii is too underpowered to handle them.
Especially Oblivion. Imagine Oblivion with everything stripped out, a much smaller world which is not beautiful. I dont think the charm will be there anymore.

PS360WII3768d ago

For sure they should put the much better Morrowind on the Wii :)

Smacktard3768d ago


Oh my GOD. AGREED. Morrowind Wii would be great. But only if they used the Oblivion fighting control scheme. I love me some Morrowind 10x more than Oblivion, but Oblivion tops Morrowind for the swordplay. And it wouldn't make much sense to be using the Nunchuk and Wiimote to swing your sword and hold your shield and have your attacks always miss like they do in Morrowind (if your skill is low)

RufustheSage3768d ago

Kingdom Hearts would be mighty interesting to play on the Wii, maybe a whole new game in general but I would settle for a port. Time Crisis series bundle would be awesome as a rental, no reason to buy that game unless it came with a gun then maybe.

Everything else is just a serious pipe dream.

jtucker783768d ago

What a terrible article!

Couldn't they at least have written why they came up with that list?
Why they think the games would be well suited to the wii.
They just list the games at the end and don't even bother to justify their choices.
Why not:
1. Fallout 3
2. Res evil 5
3. GTA 4
4. Bioshock

There you go. There's a list too, but I'm not going to write why I picked that list either.

And P.S. RE 4 didn't "look" better than the original. It looked exactly the same. It was a straight port with motion controls 16:9 and 480p.

JohnnyV3768d ago

For some reason posted a link to a "stolen" article. Here is the original which I wrote myself, and I do justify my choices. Here's the link

jtucker783768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Fair points, mate.

Sorry for the grief ;-)

And a balance board for Time Crisis would be cool.

JohnnyV3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I know you were talking about the person who stole my article. Without making the points about the games I mentioned, it does seem like a silly list. I might sound real whiny. I'm just miffed someone wrote about my article and didn't reference me, yet they get posted on N4G

jtucker783768d ago

I guess the only other "picky" point I had is Burnout Paradise has to be installed to play online ... I think.
The 360 Arcade can't go online because it doesn't have a hard drive.
Could be a potential problem for Burnout Wii.

Still perhaps Nintendo will give us a Hard disk for our Wiiware titles. If they do I'll keep my fingers crossed for Burnout Wii for you.