The Failure of Beast's Fury and What it Means For Furries on Kickstarter

Dylan Cunningham writes: "Everything seemed slated to bring a little more positive public recognition to furries in the already crowded world of internet subcultures, but now its failure will be a major red flag for anyone looking to back a campaign created by the fandom in the future. By being the only major example of a game created specifically to appeal to that group, rather than just let crossover appeal bring them in, it puts furry gaming campaigns at a 100% failure rate and will likely mean we won't see anything else like it for a while."

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garyanderson1034d ago

Shame about the project, that's a lot of money up in smoke.

Godmars2901034d ago

Not getting why failures on the development side, inability to manage or estimate funds, is a community issue. Why this is a furry thing.

Dravidian1034d ago

Pretty much this. And I don't think the game was FOCUSED on furries (I could be wrong, though). I donated the minimum because it looked cool and they actually had a little work to show. Heck they were even updating us for a good bit....then it turned out they had terrible planning and had their priorities wrong.

I've donated to eight or nine kickstarter and IGG games....This is the only one that failed me. Hopefully they'll learn from their lessons, but unless they can make and finish a game I don't think I'd offer them money again.

gangsta_red1034d ago

Looks like the Bloody Roar game we should have gotten long ago.